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domingo, 3 de janeiro de 2010

Ainda sobre o Paulo Condado-"Exceptional laws for exceptional people!"

Eu pedi a vários bloggers que me ajudassem a ampliar a história de vida deste meu Amigo. Responderam poucos.
Por ter achado o post da AL diferente e bom ( ), resolvi, com a devida autorização dela, reblogar parte dele:
"Exceptional laws for exceptional people !

*His name is Paulo Condado. (see his homepage:
*He's a scientist in a country which offers no support to scientific research outside the mainstream.
*He has a PhD in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science.
*He envisages the future and its challenges-to-come, is research assistant on the project GeneticLand.
*He has created a special software that makes communication possible for speech-impaired people.
*He has a brilliant mind, and yet, his future is at stake: he faces a very unjust law which allows research (paid for, officially recognised and providing social welfare) to Professors only.
*Paulo Condado is physically challenged due to cerebral palsy.
*He can't and won't teach in any university because of his speaking problems.
*He'll be living on scholarships (3 more guaranteed years) - but what about the rest of his life?"

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